Group scheme fees

What is a group scheme?
A group scheme is set up under a deed of trust. This is a legal document which establishes, regulates or amends a trust.

A one-man group scheme is not the same as a single member scheme as the group scheme permits enrolment of additional members in the future.

How is the fee paid?
The Pensions Authority only accept payments for occupational pension scheme and trust RAC fees through the Authority's Pensions Data Register (PDR) which can be accessed on the left.

Any one of the registered interested parties to a scheme may sign up to PDR and pay scheme fees. Payment is acceptable in the form of credit card or EFT. It is essential that EFT payments are supported by the reference numbers generated at the point of processing the payment through the PDR.

What date are fees due to be paid by?
Fees are due to be paid by 31 March each year or at such a time as the Authority decides. In the case of newly registered schemes, fees are due to be paid within 3 months of the commencement of the scheme or by 31 December, whichever is the earlier.

What are the fee rates?
The fee rates are set out in the document below.