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This website has been designed to provide the information most relevant to you depending on your Life Stage, your Work Situation and the type of pension arrangement you have (if any) – your Pension Type.

Read the descriptions below to pick a profile that best describes your current situation.  Your circumstances may not fit exactly to the profile – for example, you may have two different types of pension arrangement, but pick the most relevant one.  You can always change your profile if your circumstances change or if you want to see some other information or, for example, if you want to look at information on behalf of someone else.

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    Starting out in life 20 - 30's

    This information is designed for people who are relatively young and may not have given much thought to pensions. It is recognised that people may be just starting their career and may have lots of other things to think about.

    Prioritising 30 - 50's

    This information is designed for people who are a bit older and for whom pensions is coming more onto the radar. It is called ‘Prioritising’ as it is recognised that people in this life stage have many calls on their personal finances, such as family, mortgages etc.

    Planning for retirement 50's-60's

    For people in this life stage, the issue of pensions is taking on a high priority as the prospect of retirement is coming into focus. People in this stage have more capacity to plan for retirement and more clarity on their requirements but it is crucially important to make the right decisions.

    Retiring 60+

    The 'Retiring' life stage is designed to cover people who are close to or in retirement. Generally the saving and planning stages are over, but there are still important issues to consider.

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