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Why save for retirement

Particular issues for women to consider

Although men and women are treated equally in relation to pension provision, there are a number of areas such as maternity leave, part-time working and breaks in employment that are of particular interest to women. Some women are homemakers and rely on benefits available from their spouse/civil partner’s pension scheme. Also, women generally live longer than men and so are more likely to need their pension to last longer.

These factors mean that women can be more vulnerable in relation to retirement.

Women may receive pension income in their own right, from a number of sources in retirement - State pensions, occupational pensions, personal pensions and Personal Retirement Savings Accounts.

Your spouse/civil partner may have income from any of the above sources. In addition, your spouse/civil partner's pension arrangements may provide an income for you and your dependants in the event of their death or they may not.  If you are not sure what benefits you would be entitled to, you should check.