Trustee training obligations - news update

Tuesday, 14 February 2012: Trustees are required to receive training within six months of their appointment and at least every two years thereafter.

Where a person was already a trustee before 1 February 2010, the training had to be completed before 1 February 2012 and at least every two years thereafter.

Trustees must record in the scheme’s annual report that they have received appropriate trustee training as required by the Pensions Act within the time limits set out therein.

The Board will monitor trustee training compliance on an ongoing basis.

For further information see FAQs on Trustee Training

Trustee e-learning

The Board provides a free online trustee training facility which offers a certificate on successful completion and is available through the following link

For those trustees who have completed the Board’s trustee e-learning, the system has been updated to reflect legislative changes and now includes a function where you can restart the course and view your certificate history.

Trustee Handbook

The fourth edition of The Pension Board’s Trustee Handbook has been published and is now available on the Board’s website through the following link 

The Trustee Handbook is intended to assist trustees by providing detailed guidance on their duties and responsibilities under the Pensions Act and under all other legislation affecting pensions. It also sets out good practice which trustees should strive for, even where it is not mandatory.