Pension scheme fees

The Pensions Authority's main source of income derives from fees levied on occupational pension schemes and trust retirement annuity contracts (RACs). Scheme fees are levied on active members only.

The trustees of a scheme are responsible for the payment of the scheme fee. Trustees may delegate this role to a fee manager however they still retain ultimate responsibility for the payment of scheme fees under the Pensions Act, 1990, as amended.

The Pensions Authority only accept payments for occupational pension scheme fees and trust RAC fees through the Authority's Pensions Data Register (PDR) which can be accessed on the left.

Any one of the registered interested parties to a scheme may sign up at the link above and pay scheme fees. Payment is acceptable in the form of credit card or EFT payment (see below for bank details). It is essential that EFT payments are supported by the reference numbers generated at the point of processing the payment through the PDR.

Further information on occupational pension scheme fees and trust RAC fees can be viewed by selecting the relevant link on the left.